About Momondo
We’re not a travel agency, we’re not an airline, we’re not a booking-portal and we don’t sell flights.

We’re small, unbiased and offer the widest search and price comparison service around. Our vision is to give our users total price transparency without any catches. Consumers can use Momondo to search and compare fares across travel agency sites, national carriers and low-cost airlines. We do not sell flights, we just show you where to get the best deals and link through to the booking site where users can place their booking directly with the supplier at no extra cost.

How do we have such a large range of airfares?
Well, unlike other travel search engines we don’t rely on a small number of airline-fare-databases that are dependent on others supplying the information. In our opinion these databases are incomplete as they don’t contain enough fares or airlines.

For this reason we have developed our own technology and built more than 700 ‘robots’ or ‘crawlers’. Each robot is uniquely built to perform a search on a specific site – just like a person would do it. The robots then arrange the information they collect and return it to Momondo.

This gives us a huge advantage over our competitors because we can include the big international airlines as well as the small local suppliers who often aren’t in the databases used by other comparison sites.

Feedback from our users becomes even more useful as we can include the suppliers they suggest. Because our technology is built in-house we are more independent and we can easily adjust and increase our searches.