Full English breakfast with egg, bacon, beans, sausage, mushrooms and tomato.

Britain is full of fabulous things to see and do, many of which are unique to the United Kingdom. If you want to experience the country like a local, be sure to do these 10 things during your visit.

1. Enjoy afternoon tea

For a full British experience, nothing beats eating sandwiches, scones, and cakes from a tiered porcelain stand. You can find an afternoon tea in various establishments across Britain, but hotels tend to do the most impressive spreads. Some hotels also provide harpists and pianists, bringing an extra touch of class to the experience.

2. Go to a festival

British people love festivals in the summer months, even though the weather almost always guarantees a muddy field full of puddles. The most famous festival is Glastonbury, which takes place over the course of five days in June. A wide range of musicians turns up each summer, with Dolly Parton, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie taking to the stage in recent years. Most people who attend British festivals tend to camp on the grounds to ensure they never miss a performance. It’s a fun, lively atmosphere and something you should try at least once.

3. Head to the pub

There are more than 52,000 pubs in the UK. It’s no surprise, as they are authentic British institutions valued by the entire population, including young people, families, and the elderly. The best thing about pubs is their welcoming atmospheres which encourage patrons to turn up, enjoy a hearty meal, and spend time with friends. There’s something for everyone, whether you enjoy historical pubs that have remained untouched through the years, or gastropubs serving artisan pizzas and burgers. If you find yourself in the UK during the winter, popping into a pub with a fireplace and mulled wine is always a great way to escape the cold.

4. Eat a roast dinner

A hearty Sunday roast is one of the most cherished meals in the UK, and almost every pub offers some form of it. Most establishments will give you a choice of meat, with the most popular options being pork, beef, lamb, and chicken. Homemade gravy, Yorkshire pudding, roasted potatoes, and fresh veggies complete the meal. Vegetarians who want to try this famous dish needn’t worry, as most pubs offer meat-free versions of a Sunday roast.

5. Take a black taxi

New York has its loud yellow taxis, but Britain has its understated black taxis. They’re classy and have changed little through the years. Taxi drivers in the UK are also a sight to behold, as they are experts on the streets and roads of their cities. In fact, before getting their license, they have to pass a test known as “the Knowledge,” which means they know the ins and outs of every street, alley, and lane. It’s an impressive feat, and it also says you’ll never see a taxi driver using a map or GPS.

6. Ride a double-decker bus

Much like Britain’s black taxis, its red double-decker buses have become iconic fixtures of its cities. Riding one at least once is a must, but you’ll probably find yourself on board many times, as they are a great way to get around British cities. Be sure to sit upstairs for the full experience.

7. Take an umbrella everywhere you go

The UK is no stranger to rain, so always carry an umbrella with you. You’ll soon realize that life goes on uninterrupted in the wet weather, so don’t worry about a few raindrops causing the cancellation of outdoor events. The sooner you get accustomed to enjoying life in the rain, the sooner you’ll be acting like a real Brit.

8. Layer up

It’s not unusual to experience all four seasons in a day in the UK, which means layers are incredibly important. You may start the morning with a thin cardigan and end the day in a winter coat and hat. Be prepared to add and remove layers throughout the day if you don’t want the British weather to get the best of you.

9. Drink Pimm’s

If you visit the UK during the summer, you’ll notice pitchers of Pimm’s being consumed all across the country. It’s a gin-based drink which you mix with ginger ale, fruit, and mint, and the populace loves it. It also happens to be the unofficial symbol of the British summer. The actual recipe remains a mystery, and many supermarket brands have unsuccessfully tried to replicate the mixture. It’s refreshing, fabulous, and the perfect drink to enjoy in the park on a rare sunny British day.

10. Eat a full English breakfast

It may not sound like the most appetizing thing in the world, but the full English breakfast is a national treasure in the UK. Some of the components are traditional breakfast foods, including a fried egg, bacon, sausage, and toast. Others, such as baked beans, mushrooms, and tomatoes, may seem odd to eat for breakfast if you’re an outsider. However, it all comes together to make a tasty meal, and British people swear by the full English breakfast’s ability to cure hangovers.

If you find yourself visiting the UK, be sure to take part in these 10 British activities if you want to enjoy the country like a native.

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