Abstract fragment of the architecture of modern lobby, hallway of the luxury hotel, shopping mall, business center in Lucerne, Switzerland. Interior design.

Gearing up for a holiday getaway to Switzerland? Then there’s a lot in store for you. Switzerland is known for its sprawling ski resorts and hiking destinations like the SwissNational Park, Lavaux Vineyard Terraces, and Jaunbach gorge, as well as popular cultural performances like Art Basel, Locarno International Film Festival, and Montreux Jazz Festival. Additionally, you don’t have to settle for a typical hotel because the country has several delightfully outlandish travel accommodations. Here are four unusual Swiss hotels you might want to check out.

Whitepod Eco-Luxury Hotel

At Whitepod, you get to stay ensconced in luxury inside pods that are surrounded by scenic views of Valais and Monthey. All 15 pods at Whitepod Eco-Luxury Hotel use biodegradable products, pellet stove for heat generation, and recycled water. Each pod is also equipped with a television set and a coffee machine. The hotel’s reception area, which serves locally sourced food, is an invigorating twenty-minute stroll away from the pod’s encampment.

Hotel Palafitte

If Whitepod represents environmentally friendly luxury inside a pod, then Hotel Palafitte is luxurious accommodation on stilts towering over a placid lake. There are 40 pavilions for rent in Hotel Palafitte, an upscale accommodation overlooking views of the Alps and LakeNeuch√Ętel. Each pavilion in this gorgeous boutique hotel is outfitted with a coffee machine and a spa bath. To sample delicious local cuisine, you can dine at the elegant La Table de Palafitte.


Up the ante and opt for a quirky bed and breakfast in the town of Herznach. Grab the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sleep inside a giant silo. Bergwerksilo features a refurbished iron ore silo and a fully operational train (which you can ride) originally intended for moving the ore from the silo. Inside the restored silo, a comfortable bed and stylish furnishings await you. The friendly couple, who run this amazing bed and breakfast, would be happy to give you a tour of the mine and a rundown of its history.

Waldmeier’s Fasshotel

Like Bergwerksilo, Fasshotel is not a bland and faceless corporate setup. The family-run Fasshotel accepts guests from May to October of each year. At this quaint and intimate joint, four huge wine barrels made of oak were repurposed into guest rooms. Each room at Waldmeier’s Fasshotel can house up to six people. Reception and wash areas are inside a barn nearby. Outside the casks-turned-rooms, you will find a lush vineyard.

For more uniquely exciting places to stay while in Switzerland, consider sleeping in a cozy straw bed in the middle of the cornfield. There are three open-air Swiss hotels of this kind, and they are located in Estavayer-le-Lac, Nennigkofen, and Sutz. You can also opt to stay in an idyllic tipi village near JouxLake and enjoy the breathtaking forest views. In Switzerland, there’s always something to quench everyone’s thirst for the downright eccentric and charming place to stay.

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