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Just like any other industry, digital technology has transformed travel. You can now book taxis, train rides, and flights through apps that are breaking down the barriers of travel to make it less hectic and more fulfilling. From picking destinations to connecting with locals, these five startups are creating innovations that are impacting the industry.

1. TripIt

TripIt is a traveling startup designed to help you manage your travel itinerary. All you do is forward all your emails from hotels and airlines and TripIt will parse through them and reply within seconds.

TripIt provides a list of all your travel stages and any necessary booking details once you click on the trip of your choice on their website. You can access a map to your hotel, weather forecasts, and alternative flight schedules in case of delays or cancellations.

The TripIt app is available on iPhone, with a Pro version for additional features.

2. Tripjay

The UK has Europe’s third densest rail network, which is presumably why most UK residents complain about the frustration of planning rail journeys! Combining technology and knowledge of the terrain, Tripjay provides a platform for users to find great trips and make bookings online.

Whether you’re in the mood for a day at the beach in Bournemouth or hiking the glorious mountains of Scotland, Tripjay shows both destination and price range. No more last-minute disappointments because of price or place.

3. FlatPlane

Frequent travel can mean spending hours on booking websites. FlatPlane is a frequent traveler’s dream.

Through the FlatPlane website, travelers can access up to 50 European destinations in a single click. By paying a monthly subscription fee, you can select a travel plan that suits your needs, saving you time and money in the process. Founded by Claudiu Toader, the service is a godsend for anyone with a modest budget and wanderlust.

4. Trip4real

Have you ever visited a place that didn’t match the local hype? Well, maybe you didn’t see it through the eyes of the locals.

Trip4real is a unique platform that brings together travelers and locals. Travelers get to see destinations just how the locals see them, providing a new perspective on sightseeing.

Founded by Gloria Molins, Trip4real aims to help you make the most of your trip without a tour guide constantly reminding you of a schedule. Trip4real is so popular, it was snapped up by Airbnb.

5. Tripr

Backpacking can be fun. It is even better when you find a travel buddy. Tripr is a social travel app that lets you choose with whom to cross paths on your next trip. Not only does it connect probable travel buddies, Tripr also lets you chat with a local before you travel to a destination for insight into what and who to expect on your journey.

Users, called “Triprs”, add their planned trips on the app and it shows other Triprs who will be in any of their planned locations. If both parties connect, they can chat on the app.

From itinerary management apps to budget-based travel search engines, these startups offer products and solutions that are transforming the way travelers explore the world. Be sure to keep them in mind as they refine and re-define their offerings in the months and years ahead.

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