Seat baggage in the airport lounge

Booking a flight is easy these days, thanks to the wide choices and simple procedures available. But you’ll still need to check out the details to ensure a good experience from start to finish. Here are six handy tips for a great trip:

1. Check out all flight options

Don’t make do with the first ticket option you find on the internet, unless it happens to be the ideal one for you. Initial searches tend to lead to the best-known airways companies, but they may not offer exactly what you want. If you can’t find a ticket that meets your requirements, seek out other airways covering your route – they may offer lower prices, more convenient times and other bonuses. Alternatively, consider different departure points, destinations, routes or dates. With a flexible approach and a little research, you’re sure to find something to suit.

2. Choose your seat carefully

If you have a choice of seat, consider the pros and cons of different positions. A window seat is great if you enjoy looking out, but if you’re a nervous flyer, you’d probably be happier in a middle or gangway seat. This will also be handy for stretching your legs and accessing the toilet. If you wish to chat with other passengers around you, the middle seat will be best for you.

3. Check baggage proportions beforehand

Take careful note of the size and weight permitted for your baggage, including hand luggage. Use weighing scales and a tape measure for accurate measurements to save problems on the day. You may find you can take more than you thought, so prechecking can benefit you both ways. If you’ve paid for priority boarding, your baggage allowance will be more generous than the standard one, so make the most of it.

4. Put identifying marks on your luggage

Watching for your baggage on the airport’s conveyor belt on arrival can be an arduous business. One suitcase tends to look very like another, and when countless numbers come rolling past together, it can be difficult to identify your own. The solution is to put a distinctive marker on your bag or suitcase beforehand, such as a brightly coloured sticker, ribbon or belt.

5. Take snacks

As you’ll be aware, you can’t take drinks on board from outside the airport, for security reasons, so it’s a good idea to buy a bottle of water or fruit juice in the departure lounge. You’ll probably be able to buy drinks during your flight, but it’s handy to have a drink with you from the pre-boarding stage through to the arrival of the onboard trolley. Remember that you can take your own food on board, provided it’s not liquid, so pop your favourite snacks into your hand luggage to keep you going through the waiting periods. A homemade sandwich or a supermarket snack will cost you less than the in-flight provisions.

6. Be ready for the weather

Whatever the weather outside, your airplane temperature will be set at a standard level, so you’ll need to dress accordingly. In other words, wear plenty of clothes, in layers, so they can be slipped off or pulled on as needed. Make a note of the weather forecast for your destination, so you can adapt your clothing as necessary on arrival, too. Feeling comfortable in your clothes is key to a good trip.

With all the details taken care of, you can enjoy your flight to the full. For a great day all-round, arrange your journey to the airport with equal care and do the same for your follow-on journey at the other end. Then you can sit back luxuriously all the way on autopilot.

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