Student travellers have a unique set of criteria when they are shopping around for a holiday or on the hunt for their next destination. We know it’s hard to find the balance of places to explore and adventures with nightlife when you’re trying to get away on a budget. Our list of destinations are a mix of places all over the world, including some that would require a long-haul flight. Budget or student travellers shouldn’t be scared of looking further afield, just keep things cheap by comparing the cost of flights. We’ve taken care of the rest and ensured every single destination on this list is cheap but still has plenty to offer!

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest should be a student traveller’s haven! This is one of the best student holiday destinations in the world as it ticks every single criteria: Budapest is a wealth of museums and historical sites. If you don’t quite have the budget to pay for entrance, you can stay out in the sun and enjoy walking tours of the historic district with no obligatory costs. We recommend taking up a free walking tour of the fascinating Jewish quarter.

However, it’s in the evening that Budapest really comes to life! Ruin bars are part of the culture in Budapest and a great place to spend the whole night. You might find yourself sitting in a recovered bathtub or in the cab of a tractor that has been turned into a booth, ruin bars are all about making the most out of what you’ve got – exactly the spirit required for the best student holiday destinations!

You should also check out Otkert Club or 360 Bar for a stylish night out, looking over the city.

Hostel Price (per night): £7-30

Mid-range Hotel Price (per night): £28+

Edinburgh, Scotland

Scotland has a nuanced culture of hearty food, plenty to drink and patriotism. The Scottish love their country and are proud of everything they have; they are friendly, fun and love a night out, but Edinburgh is also steeped in the fantastic Scottish history. You can wander the royal mile, touring Edinburgh castle and discovering the country’s dramatic history (there’s plenty of similarities to Game of Thrones). Despite being in the city centre, you can hike up to Arthur’s Seat to blow the cobwebs away and be back in time for dinner.

In the evening, Why Not is extremely popular with students and younger residents. The best place to be is the local’s favourite, The Hive. Entry is free at the weekend and drinks are cheap, too! It can only be described as a unique experience as it is a total mash up of genres and styles!

Edinburgh is also uniquely dense with fantastic (and sometimes hidden) markets, antique shops and second-hand stores – just another factor that makes Edinburgh one of the best student holiday destinations in the world!

Hostel Price (per night): £12-25

Mid-range Hotel Price (per night): £22+

Mexico, North America

There are so many destinations in Mexico that it’s hard to pick. You can visit the popular Mexico City for a fantastic cultural experience, exploring religious sites and the awesome Aztec civilisations. In the evening you can pick from the city’s wealth of bars and clubs; from dark hotspots like U.T.A Bar to the theatrical and dramatic Americana. There’s definitely something exhilarating about the nightlife in Mexico City, dancing until dawn to a mix of electro, house and Latin music.

Slightly further north is the quint city of Guanajuato. The city is picturesque, full of bold colours including the bright yellow cathedral and sunny excitement. Guanajuato operates at a much slower pace than other cities in the country but is one of the best student holiday destinations for those looking for some fun and sun on a budget!

Students or travellers that are looking to party a little harder can travel even further north to Baja California and to Tijuana (TJ). TJ is the best student holiday destination for those studying in the states and many co-eds hop across the border to take advantage of cheap drinks and an exhilarating atmosphere. TJ is full of the weird and wonderful. Unfortunately, it’s not popular with the locals but you’ll have an experience!

Hostel Price (per night): £7-32

Mid-range Hotel Price (per night): £19-80

Cambodia, Asia

Cambodia is a firm backpacker favourite and justly so! One of the best student holiday destinations in the world, this long-haul location is perfect for an extended adventure or a two-week jaunt for intrepid travellers.

The best way to experience Cambodia is to tour the country, fortunately transport in the country is incredibly cheap and some of the best views you’ll ever experience will be from the train window. Don’t miss out Siem Reap and Angkor Wat, but also remember to venture towards the mountains for Prasat Preah Vihear and find the floating villages in Kratie, near Kompong Cham. The south coast of the country is actually a hidden slice of paradise with traditional hut accommodations and white-sand beaches so you can live your dream beach-bum life.

The best nightlife in Cambodia is in the more touristic regions (Siem Reap). Travellers can enjoy the pub street and the communal party atmosphere! You’ll find plenty of locals out and about, as well as other tourists. If you’re still on the hunt for more even after making your way south, you’ll want to visit the islands of Koh Rong for some of the best beach bars in the world. The prices of drinks really do crown Cambodia as the best student holiday destination in the world!

Hostel Price (per night): £6-25

Mid-range Hotel Price (per night): £20

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