Everyone loves a holiday, but there are very few of us that relish the thought of the long haul flight. Those who dread the experience are putting a dampener on a large chunk of their holiday time and need to learn how to survive long haul flights. Our top tips will have you just as excited for your flight as your holiday, without the massive cost of upgrading to business class tickets. Learn how to survive long haul flights, here.


Top Tip 1:  Book Your Flight Carefully


Book your flight as far in advance as you possibly can. If you look at price comparison websites, you’ll know that the earlier you can book, the better deal you tend to get! When you book your seat far in advance, most airlines also offer value-deals on picking your seat. Airlines such as Norwegian Air will let you pick your seats for free when you book, this includes the coveted extra-legroom seats. Landing one of these will ensure you can stretch and move around without disturbing any of your neighbours and flying will become a more enjoyable experience.

Airlines all have different policies for seating requests. It may cost you up to £50 to have the seat of your choice, which does seem like a lot of money, but when you really think about it, £50 for 14 hours of comfort really isn’t that bad. If this isn’t an option, another top tip on how to survive long haul flight is to check out the type of planes that the airline flies. Dreamliners are, literally, a dream, whilst cheaper airlines might be using an older Boeing 747.


Top Tip 2: Headphones!


The thing most passengers get frustrated with when flying is boredom and the lack of flexibility. We recommend packing two sets of headphones. One should be for general entertainment and taking full advantage of the in-flight movies. The other should be for sleeping. If you still don’t think you’re going to happily survive long haul flights, sleeping is the best way around it! You’re never going to have a relaxing little snooze if you don’t normally sleep with headphones. A second pair of noise cancelling headphones will help block out the sounds of the plane without blasting your ears. Slip an eye mask into your carry on if you’re likely to be disturbed by movement, too. The real secret on how to survive long haul flight is proper preparation!


Top Tip 3: Reading Material And Entertainment


Don’t save your holiday books for the poolside. Pack them in your carry on and break the cover on the flight. This is particularly effective if you’ve heard great things and have been super eager to crack the cover.

Don’t just buy a holiday-throwaway. We’re all guilty of picking up a trashy magazine (another great idea) and cheap book in the airport. The truth is, we’re hardly ever engaged with the book and have just panic bought it. You’ll be bored before you take off. Actually research your book choice, maybe your favourite author has released something new or a series you have been following has published its finale. These are more likely to keep you engaged.

Don’t rely on the in-flight entertainment. It’s no secret that flights are a fantastic time to catch up on all you’ve missed at the cinema but as the hours tick by, we often find ourselves wanton for an exact mood or type of entertainment. Prepare for this and download a couple of episodes or a comfort movie onto one of your devices.


Top Tip 4: Treat Your Self!


One of the best tips on how to survive long haul flights is to use the time wisely. Get a jump on your holiday glow and pack some pampering materials. Travel in warm, comfortable clothes and pick up or build your own in-flight pamper kit. Include a hydrating facial mist, moisturiser, peppermint foot lotion (under socks, of course!) and some toiletries to freshen up before you land (toothbrush, mouthwash, hairbrush). Remember to stay hydrated if you want to disembark feeling fresh.


Top Tip 5: The Airport Experience


If you’re looking up how to survive long haul flights but still have to rush through the airport, you’re doing it wrong. Arrive in plenty of time to avoid boarding the plane feeling stressed. Shop around a little, treat yourself to something new and get some food. Whatever you do, stay entertained in the airport whilst there is lots to do. This will prevent you from using up all your batteries or getting bored too quickly when you’re on the plane.