Hidden or right out in the open, this list of the coolest hotels in the world will have you booking your plane ticket and packing your bags. We have selected the most unique accommodation concepts in four, very different, destinations around the world. There is a little something for everyone from deluxe relaxation to adventurous hiking and exploration, keep reading to find your favourite:

Huilo Huilo Montana Magica Lodge

Huilo Huilo Lodge

Undoubtedly one of the coolest hotels in the world, this fantastical creation looks like a hobbit house crossed with a luxury log cabin. Huilo Huilo’s unique location is truly magical, but the hotel itself is otherworldly. From the windows of your room, you’ll be able to see water trickling down the coned roof that is covered in foliage and exotic greenery.

Every aspect of the hotel is in keeping with the natural beauty of the surroundings and even if you never left the hotel (which you would be mad to do) you would get a real feel for the awesomeness of the nature and wildlife that encompasses you. The common areas throughout the main building offer panoramic views of the surrounding jungle and spa facilities like the Jacuzzis are carved from local tree trunks.

The hotel’s buildings are connected by burrow-like tunnels and rope bridges, strung high in the air. The Montana Magica is located on the Huilo Huilo bio-reserve, the eco-friendly lodge promotes luxury conservation and the surrounding area. You are encouraged to sustainably explore the Volcano and the Patagonia rainforest, including the Pirihueico Lake and Salto Huilo Huilo waterfalls.

Solent Forts

Perhaps the most interesting upcycling or repurposing project the world has ever seen, you can choose from three unique forts that were originally built in the 19th century. The forts are located just off the island city of Portsmouth on the south coast of the UK. They were originally built for military operation but have been repurposed since the military stopped using them in 1947.

One of the most memorable experiences in the UK, these accommodations are extremely intimate and boutique. When you book to stay on one of the coolest hotels in the world, the price will include a speed boat transfer from the mainland.

The spaces are exceptional, curlicue walls juxtaposed with handsome furnishings and soft, atmospheric lighting brought together to create an utterly unique experience. You can indulge in seasonal meals, a spot of champagne on one of the terraces overlooking the Isle of Wight or enjoy a massage in the fort’s spa and wellness centre.

The forts are also available for private use so you can celebrate your special occasion in style at some of the coolest hotels in the world!

Crazy House

Crazy Hotel Vietnam

Simply known as Crazy House, this fantastical place to stay in Vietnam is the coolest hotel in the world for families and guests of all ages. The unique configuration of rooms and space is presented like a fun (and not scary) haunted house.

Located in Da Lat, the Crazy House is an attraction unto itself. The fairy-tale hotel looks like it fell right out of Alice in the Looking Glass or Peter Pan’s neverland. You will never feel like you have found everything there is to see as you climb bridges and explore the hidey-holes that spring out from every room. Tourists do visit the area just to explore the outside, but we think it is well-worth a booking a room to stay at one of the coolest hotels in the world. All rooms are uniquely decorated, taking inspiration from a myriad of different styles. The main common areas of the hotel look like an underwater paradise. You might find yourself sleeping in a circular bed, encapsulated by shell-like walls or in your own tree house.

Fogo Island Inn

Fogo Island Inn

The Fogo Island Inn professes to be one of the four corners of the earth. The faraway hotel is located “on an island, off an island”, in Canada’s eastern islands. When the other coolest hotels in the world are getting wackier or more gimmicky, Fogo Island Inn has stuck to their guns and continues to promote serenity and sustainability without creating something crazy.

Fogo Island Inn is one of the coolest hotels in the world because of its simplicity. The architecture and design is elegant, lifted onto stilts on the north-east shores of the island to provide guests unspoiled and eternal views over the north Atlantic ocean. The interiors are timeless yet contemporary, with muted designs and a Scandinavian-style aesthetic with log burners and fantastic reading chairs.

This inn would be the perfect artists retreat or provide a unique break to unwind and reconnect; guests can enjoy the fully stocked, chic library, make a visit to the modern art gallery, intimate cinema or unwind together in the fun bars and restaurant area.

Fogo island has a lot to offer its visitors, but Fogo Island Inn is at the heart of everything there is to do!

This collection of coolest hotels in the world are all located in four very different corners of the earth. They might be hard to get to, but each hotel’s unique concept is well worth the trip. If you are planning a visit, don’t forget to compare how to get there! Which unique accommodation do you think is the coolest hotel in the world?


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