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One of the best ways to experience a city is to eat its food. Through tasting local dishes you can learn about the history and culture of its people. Travel and food go together like lamb and mint, or beer and tacos, but with a whole world open to explore where should a discerning foodie travel to first?

1. Tokyo, Japan

With over 200 Michelin star restaurants, Tokyo leads the world in top class eating establishments. Centuries old culinary techniques are blended seamlessly with a new generation of cooking styles to create a cornucopia of food experiences in this bright and vibrant metropolis.

The vast range of highly rated restaurants means there are options available for travellers on any budget, and the reliance on seasonal local ingredients ensures it’s always fresh and delicious. The culinary delights of Tokyo are as varied and exciting as the city itself.

2. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen has developed a well-earned reputation for experimental but delicious food. World renowned restaurants push the limits of culinary excellence by creating fantastical dishes and unforgettable experiences for their diners.

Copenhagen isn’t however all about the remarkable high-end restaurant scene. Danish staples, such as smørrebrød, underpin the culinary make-up of the capital and bolster the city’s credentials as a mecca for food lovers from around the world.

3. Pondicherry, India

Situated on the southeast coast of India, Pondicherry’s cuisine has been heavily influenced by the town’s rich history. Having previously been colonised by the French, the culture and cuisine of Pondicherry is a blend of the delicious flavours of both French and Indian cooking.

The two cultures mix beautifully as the rich notes of each combines to make something arguably greater than the sum of its already esteemed parts.

4. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires’ reputation for exceptional steak and incredible wine is well deserved. The grass-fed beef is of the highest quality you’ll be likely to find. The high altitude, low humidity of the wine-making regions means pesticides aren’t needed to keep insects off the vines – ensuring the best organic wines come as standard.

Step out of the incredible restaurants and you’ll find even more tasty bites on the streets. Freshly made empanadas and spicy home-made sausage are just some of the delectable treats on offer in this South American city of passion and pleasure.

5. San Diego, California

Like many American cities, San Diego offers a selection of foods from around the world. Situated on the pacific coast, the diverse make-up of the city’s people is reflected in the food on offer. From some of the country’s finest sushi restaurants, to Americanised tacos and tostadas, San Diego does it all and does it all brilliantly.

Travelling for food is becoming increasingly popular and the world’s most exotic cuisines are more accessible than ever before. With incredible traditional staples being supplemented and expanded upon every day with new and exciting techniques and flavours, there’s never been a better time to explore the world – one dish at a time.

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