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Why stay in your hometown when you’re in your twenties? Life is for living, and the world is your oyster. Make your mark on it by exploring one of these cities.

1) Berlin, Germany

A vibrant scene where locals and tourists alike start the party early and keep going well into the late hours. Berlin is best-known for its unparalleled nightlife, but that isn’t all it has to offer. The food and beer are reasonable, it is packed to the rafters with history and culture, plus there are some great flea markets to rummage through and find a bargain. Best of all, Berlin is cheap and cheerful, so it won’t bankrupt you while you’re exploring.

2) Bangkok, Thailand

This may seem like an obvious and over-saturated choice, but take a look at the facts. First off, Bangkok is a great base for travelling around the rest of Asia and even Australasia, with trains to Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, and with regular cheap flights to Vietnam and Oz. As well as this, Bangkok offers high disposable income, rent is cheap, and travel on the local infrastructure costs next to nothing. Avoid tourist traps like Khao San Road and don’t bother with a tuk tuk journey more than once. Of course, it’s not news that travelers all over the world have usually stopped off in Bangkok at least once in their lives, so ask yourself, surely they can’t all be wrong? Check it out and decide for yourself–you won’t be disappointed.

3) Melbourne, Australia

If you’re willing to travel about as far as you can travel, then consider Melbourne for a stay. Younger, fresher, and, more importantly, cheaper than its rival city, Sydney, Melbourne is definitely worth a trip. Retro music lovers rejoice, for there are over 50 record stores in the city catering for all tastes and delivering fresh vinyl on demand. Delicious food, world famous coffee, a free tram system (because everyone loves a freebie), and an achingly cool hipster scene; Melbourne will hit the right notes for all.

4) Amsterdam, Netherlands

Not just for those seeking a special brownie buzz. If you want a city that’s pretty much always featured in the top 5 lists across the globe, then Amsterdam is the place for you. Regularly voted best for affordability, as well as tolerance, culture, and a wonderful attitude to the LGBTQ scene; Amsterdam is a sure-fire hit year after year. A really pretty city, the ‘Dam’ is one of the bike capitals of the world; so grab a set of wheels and start taking in the sights of this wonderful little European gem.

5) Dubai, UAE

An unusual choice for some, but many young people are heading to the Middle East for a touch of luxury. Popular with teachers especially; great wages and an extravagant lifestyle await those who can stand the heat (and it is very hot). Part of the lure is that wages are mostly tax-free or failing that, have a very low rate of tax in comparison to other cities. This makes it easy for millennials to save money for the future, whether for more adventures or to help them onto the property ladder. Financial practicalities aside, there is lots to do and a great singles scene for those looking for a partner.

Wherever you choose to travel to, you’re sure to have a stellar trip, as long as you keep your budget up to date and your options open.

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