Azerbaijan was a recent feature in newsfeeds, tabloids and broadsheets alike; all different twists on the same story. The Europa League final between London clubs, Arsenal and Chelsea, was held in the capital Baku.

Baku is a metropolitan city that still boasts stunning reminders of the past, including fascinating reminders of both world wars, UNESCO world heritage sites, Roman structures and a colourful culture on the Caspian Sea. Unfortunately, a lot of this was overlooked by newstories telling of four-day travel diaries by desperate football fans. We’re looking at how those football fans could have turned their days of travel into a week or so of deluxe exploration and leisure, taking full advantage of Eastern Europe’s buzzing nightlife on the way.


Our itinerary is a round trip from London to Baku:


Phase 1: London To Berlin


Flights from London to Berlin can be as little as £15 and are a speedy, 1 hour and 45 minutes.

You can spend days, even weeks exploring everything that Berlin has to offer. It is truly one of the most culturally rich and interesting cities in the world. For football fans, we’re focusing on nightlife and the more exciting attractions on offer. Fortunately, Berlin is not short on entertainment. The capital of Germany is infamous for dance clubs and the dive bar scene; Check out roof top bar, Klunkerkranich. There’s absolutely nothing fancy about it but the chill vibe makes it one of the best all-day hangouts in Berlin.

There are so many accommodation options in Berlin, it’s overwhelming. If you’re travelling with the whole team, check out Aparthotel Adaigo Berlin, stylish apartments in a convenient location to make the most out of your first stop off.

You can grab an early morning train at Berlin (HBF Station) to Krakow in Southern Poland. You will have to change at Warsaw in Poland and if you wanted to break up the trip, you could hop off for the night here.


Phase 2: Berlin To Krakow


After resting up on the 8 hour train journey to Krakow from Berlin, you’ll be ready to enjoy some of Europe’s best bars and cheapest nights out. One of the best things about Krakow is that it is so densely populated with bars. The opening hours are so flexible too, so you can always rest up before you head out for the night.

Nightlife has become so critical to Krakow’s specific culture. You can make up your own pub crawl through the more traditional Jewish quarter to cut costs, but not fun. Keep it cheap by drinking local brews and spirits! Remember, it is illegal to drink in public in Poland unlike in neighbouring Germany.

Krakow has an interesting history and cultural sites that are 100% worth a visit, but if museums and wartime sites aren’t your thing, just wander around Krakow Old Town, Jewish Quarter and Krakow Barbican for a low-key touristy day.

You’ll find the culture is extremely relaxed, but the city gets taken over by raucous students at the weekends. It is still a small place to explore, so two nights and one full day will be plenty.

Krakow airport is a mere 25-minute subway ride. From here, you can fly onto Kiev. Flights take approximately 1 hour 30 minutes and the airports don’t see a lot of traffic, so you’ll be in and out super quick!


Krakow Nightlife

Phase 3: Krakow To Kiev


Kiev is a small, pretty city in Ukraine. The country doesn’t receive too much tourism, but Kiev is at the heart of it and Kiev is a densely populated city. All this makes for a great night out and as long as you stay close to the river, you won’t be far from anything. You might struggle to get the whole team into one accommodation but check out price comparison or booking sites to keep everyone together in the thick of it all.

If you fancy another roof top bar, check out long-standing Avalon. It’s a pricey hotspot, but the views of Kiev’s illuminated landmarks and incredible music is totally worth it. For a chiller vibe, check out the nothing-ostentatious-about-it, Bar 13. Located on Reitarska Street, you really want to keep your eyes peeled for the hidden entrance. Despite the cool reputation, the prices are really reasonable!

You’ll only need a night or two in Kiev and then you can head back to the airport for a nippy flight over to Baku.




Phase 5: Kiev To Baku  


Football Stadium Night

Baku. Finally. Except getting there should have been as much fun as the destination itself if you followed this itinerary. Baku’s nightlife is Azerbaijan’s secret weapon. A sparkly metropolis, you might be pleasantly surprised to find world cuisines, raunchy clubs and buzzing bars of all sorts. And of course, nowhere in the world has escaped the faithful Irish pub.

If you’ve got some funds saved up, a visit to Port Baku Mall or Ganjlilk Mall is a must! Browse designer brands and premium shopping experience!


Return Journey

Phase 6: Baku To London

After so much fun, you can travel home in one easy, direct flight from Baku International to London Heathrow. Flights are around the £200 price point and take approximately 6 hours.

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