Budget airlines zip UK holidaymakers around Europe like fireflies. These short flights whisk travelers away to entirely different culture. No-frills airlines let us make the most of our precious days of annual leave and are so popular because they’re kind to our bank accounts, too! The long listings of cheap flights can be a little overwhelming and finding a spot that isn’t heaving with tourists can be a challenge these days. We’ve been researching some of the best quiet holiday destinations in Europe. Each spot will satisfy a different style of holiday but are all within 3 hours of London.


UK – Scottish Highlands


If you’re looking for a cosy getaway, curled up with a book or hiking dramatic landscapes, you don’t need to go further than the stunning Scottish highlands. The area is much more diverse and entertaining than many might initially think and still one of the most untouched and quiet holiday destinations in Europe!

Stay in unique accommodations such as eco airships overlooking the Isle of Mull or rich, traditional guesthouses in the heart of the Cairngorms on Balmoral’s doorstep. From here you can soak up the culture, explore exciting Scottish history, unwind in some of the UK’s best spas and enjoy breathtaking landscapes. Whilst the weather might not be a guarantee, you’ll be able to avoid the crowds of the cities and Mediterranean spa hotels and still receive premium services, utter luxury and pampering and find a little ‘Me’ time, close to home. Scottish food might get a bad reputation, but the bounty of traditional restaurants throughout Inverness and Aberdeen will satisfy any taste. You’ll only be an hour or so from two international airports, too!


North Macedonia – Ohrid


Ohrid is a little known spot in North Macedonia that benefits from the Southern Europe sun. North Macedonia has an interesting history but is still an untapped gem of a destination, nestled amongst bigger hitters like Greece. For quiet holiday destinations in Europe that you can road trip or incorporate into a much bigger adventure, North Macedonia is a great place to incorporate.

North Macedonia is a landlocked country but has plenty to explore; In Ohrid, you can wander the ancient town that boasts stunning Mediterranean architecture and rich, vibrant colours. It’s utterly picturesque and a quieter answer to Slovenia’s Lake Bled. You can spend days wandering churches, the famous monastery and cobbled streets with pretty cafes. It will still be a leisurely break but with plenty to learn and explore. What’s best, it’s super cheap, too!

Macedonian cuisine is a blend of Mediterranean and Turkish style foods. Ohrid boasts fantastic traditional restaurants and authentic tastes of the untouched country. From Ohrid, you’re just a boat trip away from Saint Naum and only a short taxi journey from Ohrid airport (approximately 10 – 20 Euro, depending on where you are staying), making this one of the best quiet holiday destinations in Europe.


Croatia – The Islands


Croatia has been an up and coming destination for years. The mainland and even the bigger islands are still in the sweet spot, boasting value accommodations but lots of amenities but are not quiet holiday destinations in Europe. Many travellers sail through the islands or use hop-on hop-off services to visit the larger islands of Brac and Hvar. Hvar is a bigger island and is quietest to the east end of the island (check out the funky, back-to-basics accommodation called Cast Away).

Many travellers stick to the southern Dalmatian Islands and forget (or don’t know) about Brijuni. Brijuni is a national park island cluster just off the coast of Pula. The island is a safari park but with beaches, Roman ruins and dinosaur relics. There really is something for everyone in this totally unique and spectacularly preserved island!

Brijuni offers four different styles of accommodation so you can still pick your style of quiet holiday destinations in Europe!

It is slightly trickier to get to Brijuni but it is one of Europe’s best-kept secrets! Pula airport is a short 2-hour flight from London.

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