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There are a numerous amount of benefits for making seafood a part of your diet. First off, seafood is high in protein, and most fish contain a significant amount of omega-3 fatty acids. Seafood is also good for your cholesterol levels, and some research has found that seafood can prevent type 2 diabetes. Thankfully, if you are traveling to Dubai, you will be able to see some restaurants that offer great seafood. Listed below are the top five restaurants in Dubai that offer fresh seafood.

• Moana: Offering tranquil outdoor scenery and food with over a 4-star average rating, Moana is undoubtedly an excellent place to find high-quality seafood. This contemporary style restaurant comes complete with a sushi counter and ceviche bar, so everyone can find something to enjoy here.

• Seafood Market: If you like trying seafood from around the world than you will have to put the Seafood Market on your list of restaurants to check out while traveling. This restaurant features 18 tanks that contain live seafood from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Oman. This restaurant also has a large assortment of daily caught fresh seafood.

• Alto Mar: For a Mediterranean dining experience, Alto Mar is an excellent choice. Found inside of a fishing harbor, Alto Mar offers a great selection of fresh fish got regularly.

• Geales: This favorite British themed restaurant, recognized for its seafood as well as other great cuisines, holds over a 4-star rating. Many customers come to Gaeles initially for the fresh seafood but end up enjoying other British delicacies like chips and pies.
While finding good quality food while traveling can often be difficult, you should not have this issue if you are traveling in Dubai. With an ample number of places to choose from, you should be able to find a seafood restaurant in Dubai that’s perfect for you.

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