Marrakech is a unique blend of tradition and modernity. No one can be indifferent to this stunning destination; during the day there are so many beautiful sights and delightful places to see and things to do. In fact, just wandering around Marrakech is an activity. Figuring out what to do when the sun goes down can be slightly tricky though. There is no end of places to eat and the best, most authentic experience will always be to pick up some food form the local Souk or market stool, you can just follow your nose to make your choice.
Our list of things to do in Marrakech at night has something for everyone. Marrakech is an alluring and enchanting place and our list ensures you have something to do when your done exploring the gardens and mosques for the day:


Theatro is one of the things to do in Marrakech at night that has a Moroccan twist on your average night out. Theatro is well recognised as the biggest and best club in the city. It is a fantastic excuse to see some of the continent’s (and the world’s) most prominent DJs but Theatro’s unique twist is that it is a colourful sensation of circling acrobats, dancers, jugglers and bewitching sights.
Theatro is in league with Berlin’s Berghain for its seductive, immersive experience, but for such an iconic dance club, the capacity is limited, so if you’ve got your heart set on this exclusive night out, you might want to reserve a table.

Djemma el-Fna

There is nothing to prepare you for the cultural and sensational onslaught of Marrakech’s markets and souks. Djemma el-Fna (sometimes known as Jemaa el-Fnaa) is the main square and market in the centre of Marrakech; the atmosphere is utterly consuming and is never more alive than during the night. Wandering the market stools and sampling the street food is an authentic, Moroccan experience. Be careful, you will also be made to feel like a tourist and proprietors will put the prices up.
The Jemaa el-Fnaa is also a very enjoyable spectator sport; one of the best things to do in Marrakech at night is to pick your favourite stool or retreat to one of the terraces that line the square and people watch. Sit back, relax, enjoy a cup of Maghrebi and look over the unique circus act that is the Djemma el-Fna at night.

Pick A Hammam

A Hammam is a traditional bathhouse or steam room but with the rise of tourism in Morocco, Hammam’s have become synonymous for a luxury spa. A visit to a hammam is a perfect thing to do in Marrakech at night for solo travellers or couples looking for some affordable, authentic indulgence.
We recommend finding a hammam that also offers a post-steam massage. You’ll leave feeling invigorated and serene after the full-body experience. These spaces are unique to Morocco and well worth a visit!


Marriinski is not just another club in the heart of Marrakech. In fact, there’s something romantic and sexy about the plush, luxurious interiors. Again, this is not just your standard night club. Whilst Theatro prefers circus performers and fun, bold colours, Marriinski opts for sultry cabaret dancers and neo-baroque performers that contrast with the electronic and dance music.
Located in the heart of the red city, Mariinski promises an exclusive, indulgent night out in Marrakech. The unique blend of concepts can be costly, but well worth it. The drinks are exquisite and you are sure to see something new.

Relax In Your Hotel

When you are booking your break in Morocco, it’s worth investigating or comparing your hotel carefully. A traditional riad will provide you with a unique place to unwind and enjoy a slow, tranquil Marrakech evening whilst all the raucous continues outside the courtyard walls. A traditional riad will have a tiled internal courtyard with a fountain at the centre. Some will have pools and are splendidly outfitted. An evening in the riad is one of the most simple, romantic things to do in Marrakech at night after a long day exploring the culture and sights.
We also recommend getting an early night and getting up for a sunrise Hot Air Balloon ride with views across the Atlas Mountains. Compare your activities to make sure you’re not getting ripped off with illegal providers!

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