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Is a cruise your idea of a dream vacation? If so, you’re not alone in that. Many people relish the idea of sailing from one destination to the next while someone else worries about the driving, cooking, cleaning, and planning entertainment. Before you head to the travel agent or look up vacation packages, it’s helpful to understand the different types of cruises. This ensures you get exactly the type of vacation you want.

All Inclusive Cruise

As its title suggests, this type of cruise includes your airfare, onboard accommodations, food and drinks, entertainment, and even some of your excursion fees. It’s common for travelers to tip the cruise ship staff before they disembark, so be sure to budget extra for that.

Around the World Cruise

Are you recently retired and not sure what to do with all that free time? Your trip of a lifetime lasts about six weeks and literally takes you to all the continents of the world. A related option is the world cruise sector. This shorter trip allows you to customize your cruise package to visit the destinations of your choice.

Cruise and Stay

This option allows you to stay anywhere from a few days to a week at a land destination that the ship sails to. A cruise and stay package is ideal for those who enjoy time at sea as well as time to explore various cities and destinations. This trend started becoming popular a few years ago and the demand for it should continue to grow.

Fly and Cruise

This type is popular in the United States, particularly in locations a long way from the port of departure. With a fly and cruise vacation, your travel package includes airfare to the departure city and your return trip home. You can even choose to spend time on land with your travel companions before or after your cruise.

Mini Cruise

It can be hard to know you would enjoy a cruise vacation if you have never taken one. The mini cruise is ideal for people who want to experience the shorter version of this type of vacation before booking one for a week, two weeks, or even longer. These cruises typically last from two to five days and can take you to destinations just as exciting as those of their longer counterparts.

Benefits of Working with a Travel Agent to Plan Your Cruise

Although the internet has made it possible to book cruise vacations independently, travel agents can help you find exactly the cruise you want at the most affordable price. They often have information about special deals available to them that you can’t find online. With a travel agent doing all the research, all you have to do is pack and prepare for the time of your life.

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